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Experience No-Glare while driving at night
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No-Glare lenses help you drive more safely

Wider Field of View
With standard lenses, objects in your peripheral vision can be harder to see, slowing your reaction time to something that might cross your path in extreme glare conditions. No-Glare lenses give you up to 30% wider field of view to help you see more.

Faster Recovery Time
When extreme glare like oncoming headlights effects your vision, No-Glare lenses can help you recover up to 5 seconds faster. Faster recovery time, wider field of vision and better contrast sensitivity make No-Glare lenses the choice for 70% of wearers for comfortable, safe nighttime driving.


Study conducted M. Apple, V. L. Galambos, E. Knox at Pacific University College of Optometry, June 2005.