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No-Glare lenses resist scratches and smudges

Protect Your Lenses
Glasses get beat up. Kids grab them, they get knocked off the nightstand, and you can't always find a soft cloth to clean them. No-Glare lenses help resist the normal scratches and smudges that come from everyday wear and tear. This makes them look better, and helps you see better.

Protect Your Vision
Scratches and smudges are a visual distraction. Both for you looking out, and people looking at you. By reducing the occurrence of scratches and smudges, No-Glare lenses can improve vision in these circumstances from the equivalent of 20/25 vision up to full 20/20 vision. See better when you avoid scratches and smudges with No-Glare lenses.

Lens Compare 1
The scratches caused by a wear test block 12% of light on a standard lens, while the No-Glare lens is much more durable with less than 1% blocked.

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